The overall service I propose to provide is to manage your development process, budget and schedule so that the project is constructed with high quality, stays on time, on budget as much as possible and meets the Carolina Friends School’s fundamental needs for years to come.    In this capacity, I generally perform the following functions:


  • Facilitate communication between the owner, architect and contractor: Clear communication is of upmost importance throughout a development project.  In the beginning it is important that expectations about design, quality, schedule, and pricing are explicit.  During construction, communications focus on job site conditions, delays, changes in design and pricing, and work progress and payments.   At project close out the owner must communicate clear expectations to be met before final payments. 


  • Manage development schedule:   The development process is complex and has many interdependent steps.   I will organize these steps into a coherent critical development path, and help all parties stay focused on the schedule so that the project stays on track.   Architects and contractors must focus on many small details during construction and cannot always hold the larger development schedule in mind.  I will remind all parties when key project milestones are imminent, and what tasks must be completed by those deadlines.


  • Manage project budget: I am experienced in creating and managing development budgets, and am aware of the many legal, professional and regulatory fees that must be considered beyond construction costs.  I work with clients to focus on the fundamentals of good budgeting:  simplifying design, minimizing exceptions processing, providing realistic contingency funds, and considering how design will impact the long-term maintenance costs of structures. 


  • Handle details that aren’t the job of the architect or contractor:   Developer/owners must perform many tasks that fall outside the work of the design and building teams.  I am experienced at handling details and documentation required by partners such as banks, insurance agents, utilities and municipal departments.


  • Negotiating and diffusing conflict when it arises:  This skill is critically important to keeping projects on budget and on schedule.  Tensions often arise between owners, architects and/or contractors.  I believe the role of a good project manager is to provide a balanced view of the issues at hand, with potentially less emotion than primary stakeholders who are heavily invested in outcomes.   Diplomacy, good listening skills, and good relationships are critical to diffusing conflict when it arises, helping the process stay on the path towards success.

Contact Christine: call or text 919-949-4332 or email
Contact Christine: call or text 919-949-4332 or email